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Market and Technology Assessments

Termine Group has conducted market research and technology assessments across a range of industries. Our services include identifying opportunities to expand client’s position in their markets; recommending new product development strategy; monitor competitive activities; and evaluating development pipeline projects.

Recent project examples include:

> Performed an economic assessment of the supply and demand balance for elemental phosphorus and phosphorus based derivatives.

> Conducted an economic supply and demand balance for bromine and bromine derivatives.

> Evaluated effectiveness of a multinational automaker’s national marketing campaign for selling luxury cars.

> Conducted a technology assessment for a new venture biotechnology company, and identified industrial chemical market opportunities and potential investment partners for products matching client’s technology.

> Conducted a technology assessment for a nanotechnology company, and analyzed revenue and profit opportunity and strategic options for commercializing new products.

> Optimized business practices for a specialty chemicals company that needed to improve its workflow process after a recent acquisition, mapped organizational structure of four regional centers and outlined a change management plan for sales, marketing, R&D and manufacturing.

> Conducted market research study on the use of antimicrobials in industrial water, recreational water, wood, and paints.

> Conducted market research on the use of flame retardant plastics in electronic enclosures for printers, copiers, fax machines, computer housing, and television cabinets.

> Conducted market research on the use of curative agents in polyurea and polyurethane coatings.

> Assessed the global supply and demand for bromine production, flame retardants, and antimony oxide.

> Conducted market research on polymer additives.

> Prepared a strategic plan to market custom fine chemicals and bio active intermediates (APIs) to manufacturers of over-the counter generic pharmaceuticals and generic agricultural products.