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Termine Selected Experience in Energy and Oil & Gas

Enrico J. Termine, Ph.D. Selected Experience in Energy and Oil & Gas Services, Completion Fluids, and Production Chemicals

Dr. Termine is Vice President and Chief Science Officer for the Energy Services Group at TETRA Technologies, Inc.

He is an active member on American Petroleum Institute (API) subcommittees and other industry consortia for development of testing standards for oil field chemicals.

He has been invited to brief members of United States Senate and House of Representatives and White House Council on Environmental Quality about hydro fracturing technology and the role of the service company to manage water resources.

He has conducted business and technology strategy to provide services for frac and flow back water in gas well operations.

He has commercialized two registered biocide products, a scale/corrosion control product, and a proprietary water transfer/delivery system for water treatment in hydro fracturing operations.

He led teams for providing process chemistry and chemical engineering design for the construction of a brine plant to co-produce calcium chloride, magnesium hydroxide, and sodium chloride.

He has investigated engineering design for pilot plant production of magnesium hydroxide extracted from subterranean brine deposits.

He has investigated general and localized corrosion of chrome and nickel based martensitic stainless steels used for production tubing in high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) wells.

He has developed new corrosion and scale inhibitors and formulations for completion fluids.

He has developed processes for water reclamation of flow back water, production water, and spudder water.

He invented a process for surface treatment of water to remove bacteria and adjust scaling and corrosion tendencies for use in hydraulic fracturing operations and avoidance of introduction of harmful chemicals into the wellbore and surrounding formation.

He has conducted research for fluid loss control additives, filter cake breaker, and insulated packer fluid technology.

He has investigated the recovery and purification of bromine based, heavy density completion fluids to recover spent fluids from offshore platforms to mitigate risk of environmental exposure to marine pollutants.

He has directed test development of characterizing packer fluids for compatibility with metal alloys for oil country tubular goods (OCTG).

He has directed research in single site catalysts and modified alumina oxide (MAO) catalyst supports.

He has conducted research for making new trialkylaluminum compounds for alternative fuel technologies. He prepared a grant proposal to the U.S. Department of Transportation to produce hydrogen fuel.