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About Us

TERMINE GROUP is a management consulting firm specializing in expert litigation, strategy development, mergers & acquisitions, and business intelligence for the chemical and energy industry.

We provide plaintiff and defense services, develop growth strategies, assist with acquisition candidate selections and technology partner searches, and conduct marketing and technical assessments. Our clients are law firms, start-ups, privately held businesses, venture capital and equity investors, and diversified multinational companies.

TERMINE GROUP has active projects in specialty chemicals, life sciences, nanotechnology, and biotechnology areas. Many of these projects have arisen from our interaction with private equity investors who are quick to recognize when a portfolio company needs assistance with business development.

Expert Litigation

TERMINE GROUP has substantial experience in the disciplines of chemistry, plastics, polymers, and materials science. We help attorneys and insurance companies in product liability, root cause analysis, and intellectual property areas. Testimony on behalf of clients has been provided by Dr. Enrico J. Termine. (See biographical sketch)

Market and Technology Assessments

Termine Group has conducted market research and technology assessments across a range of industries. Our services include identifying opportunities to expand client’s position in their markets; recommending new product development strategy; monitoring competitive activities; and evaluating development pipeline projects.We provide strategy and business development services and assess how value might be captured in a transaction. Our experience and expertise in the chemical sector complements the assets of the executive and business management of our clients. We conduct marketing research, competitive intelligence, and provide insight that leads to practical strategy for each project.

Mergers and Acquisitions and Due Diligence

Termine Group has been involved in numerous M&A transactions in the chemical industry. Our services include technology assessments; valuations; industry and market scans; acquisition and divestiture strategies; due diligence; and assisting with transaction negotiations. We focus on assessing market/competitive environment, understanding the value chain, interpreting apparent growth strategies, and profiling potential partners/buyers.