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Mergers and Acquisitions

Termine Group has been involved in numerous M&A transactions in the chemical industry. Our services include technology assessments; valuations; industry and market scans; acquisition and divestiture strategies; due diligence; and assisting with transaction negotiations. Termine Group focuses on assessing market/competitive environment, understanding the value chain, interpreting apparent growth strategies, and profiling potential partners/buyers.

Recent project examples include:

> Conducted valuations and due diligence to make a tender offer to acquire specialty chemicals company.

> Conducted due diligence and participated with the acquisition of a polymer additives business.

> Conducted valuations and due diligence of an antioxidant business. He assisted in the acquisition of alkylated phenol product line from Ethyl Corporation.

> Conducted valuations and due diligence to acquire a bromine derivatives manufacturing plant.

> Conducted valuations and due diligence to acquire an aluminum trihydrate and magnesium oxide manufacturer.

> Conducted a technology assessment of organometallics for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) of hydrocarbons.

> Assisted in the formation a strategic alliance between a specialty chemical company and global mining company for marketing zinc borate and other boron-based technology.