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Managing Partner and Senior Consultant
Chemicals and Energy Practice

Dr. Enrico J. Termine is a senior-level executive and scientist with thirty years of experience in business leadership, research & development, product engineering, marketing, and manufacturing. Dr. Termine has held positions in the Chemicals and Energy industries, including with The Dow Chemical Company, Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, Albemarle Corporation, and TETRA Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Termine has consulted for a variety of industrial and legal clients on engagements involving valuations, due diligence assignments, market research reports, strategy development reports, science and technology assessments, and root cause investigations.

He has acquired a record of achievement as senior business strategist, a principal investigator, and a hands-on contributor in the laboratory. He has led large teams of scientists, engineers, and business specialists in the US and Europe. He has managed laboratories for analytical chemistry, materials testing, hazard process safety testing, and high throughput (combinatorial chemistry) screening.

Dr. Termine is a bromine chemistry expert. He specializes in oilfield applications, flame retardant plastics, industrial and recreational water treatment and disinfection, specialty and fine chemicals, polymer additives, plastics, and organic synthesis for life science molecules and advanced materials.

He has studied reactivity and thermal stability of bromine-containing materials, and assessed their propensity to form degradation products. He has evaluated anomalous performance, misuse, or improper handling of bromine-based products.

Dr. Termine has expertise in the design of batch and continuous manufacturing operations typical in the chemical industry. He has extensive knowledge of processing brine for production of bromine and chlorine industrial products, including disinfectants, industrial salts, flame retardants, and well completion fluids.

Dr. Termine is an expert in water treatment technology. He specializes in the development, the selection, and the use of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides for oil and gas production (hydro fracturing operations, produced water, and flow back water), recreational water treatment (pools and spas), industrial water treatment (cooling water and pulp and paper processing), and industrial & institutional disinfectant applications.

Dr. Termine earned both his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Miami. He has collaborated on more than 38 patents and publications. His technical contributions are useful in consumer electronics; for petroleum and petrochemical processing; in transportation and industrial products; in healthcare; for industrial and household disinfection; and in building and construction materials.