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Selected Case Studies

Root Cause Investigations
A leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals was experiencing explosions in industrial cooling towers that used their product for bio-control. These explosions were unpredictable, caused substantial property loss, and had the potential for personal injury or death. The investigation uncovered an incompatible interaction between an oxidant and a processing aid used in the product formulation. Findings of this investigation gave rise to modifications of the manufacturing process, and improvements to quality assurance program. These changes mitigated the risk of future explosion, and restored confidence in using the bromine-based biocide in industrial cooling towers.

Develop business for a new venture
An $800 million specialty chemicals manufacturer with a strong intellectual property portfolio was approached by the Electronic Materials Division of a $1.1 billion global producer of specialty chemicals. Explore how technology assessment and scenario planning could help that manufacturer structure a new venture. more…

Identify a target market
The fine chemical and surfactants product divisions of a $1 billion specialty chemicals company sought to identify new products to develop. Explore how market analysis could help this organization uncover potential target markets.

Monitor my competitors and win in the market
A medium-sized specialty chemical company wanted to strengthen their position versus their competitors in a crowded, over-supplied product area. Explore how a unique and comprehensive competitive intelligence program enables you to monitor competitors.